They are an unlimited source of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, etc.
They do not need fertile lands, therefore they do not compete with human nutrition
They grow in all kinds of waters: waste, brackish, fresh or sea waters
Their high productivity allow a daily harvest
They are the original source of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids
They capture CO₂, being the most efficient natural system in the planet
  • “In AENA AIRPORTS we promote projects and R&D activities that are notable for its influence in the continous improvement of the management quality and security and the airport’s activity operations, looking for the efficiency in our processes, products and services, within the frame of sustainability and environmental care. Since the project presented by AlgaEnergy fulfilled those requirements, we subscribed a collaboration agreement in 2011 that allowed AlgaEnergy to build and operate its Technological Platform of Microalgae Experimentation (PTEM) in the Adolfo Suarez Madrid- Barajas International Airport. The PTEM constitutes nowadays a potent R&D tool which is originating significant developments and know-how in the scope of environmental improvement and generation of energetic products out of microalgae.”


    Ana Salazar
    Chief of Quality and Environment Division in Aena Airports
  • A big thank you to the entire team of AlgaEnergy. I really appreciate the time that you spent with us – I certainly learnt a lot.  I visit many facilities during the course of my work but I have to say I was very impressed by your team -they were all excellent- their professionalism and knowledge were outstanding.  I do hope we get the opportunity to work together in the future.”

    Keith Kenny
    Senior Director McDonald's Supply Chain Europe
  • “The aquaculture is the sector of food production that has grown the most in the last decades worldwide, and we will witness important developments in very competitive and strategic sub-sectors in the coming years, such as the microalgae, with multiple utilities and applications, in which AlgaEnergy is already a reference.”


    Javier Remiro
    Managing Director of OESA Foundation
  • “My relationship with AlgaEnergy starts in the year 2009, when we were appointed as their IP Agents to register the company’s brands at a European level. More recently, different patents have been processed for AlgaEnergy at an international level, regarding their processes and technology that allow to efficiently produce microalgae and derivative products, being the result of such patents very favorable, considered as innovative and with inventive activity. 

    In my large experience as patents and brands advisor, and having investigated the existing landscape in the sector of microalgae biotechnology at an international level, I have been able to confirm that Spain has increased its patents applications within this field of biotechnology, being AlgaEnergy positioned at the forefront.”

    Ramón Leal
    Founding Partner of SILEX Patents & Brands
  • “The Group of Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology of the USC collaborates with AlgaEnergy, since the year 2009, in the development of innovative microalgae’ products for the aquaculture sector. The determined commitment of AlgaEnergy towards the innovation, has allowed  our group to develop different and relevant research projects, which has resulted in the achievement of milestones within the sector, such as the biomass production of the strain Isochrysis galbana, one of the cornerstones in the nutrition within marine aquaculture. It is a satisfaction for the USC to continue collaborating in time with AlgaEnergy, and its qualified scientific and human team, in the development of innovative products for the aquaculture sector, focused on the putting in the market products based on new strains, as well as on quality and durability improvements of products derived from the traditional strains.”


    Prof. Ana María Otero
    Tenured Professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela
  • “Microalgae are the basis of the life in the Planet Earth, and have the capacity to synthesize unique molecules that are essential to the rest of living creatures. In the aquaculture, they are fundamental for the larvae cultures. AlgaEnergy provides microalgal biomass of high quality to the Spanish aquaculture, and is an international reference in this forefront biotechnological sector.”


    Javier Ojeda
    Director of APROMAR
  • “The Microalgae Biotechnology Investigation Group from the Institute of Vegetable Biochemistry and Photosynthesis holds a close collaboration with AlgaEnergy since the end of 2009. This fruitful relation has been embodied in the subvention by the company of different projects seeking to deep-dive in the knowledge and management of large scale microalgae culturing. The culmination of this common effort is the construction and operations’ start of a 1ha culturing plant, associated to the combined cycle power plant of Iberdrola in Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz, within the frame of the European Project Life + CO2ALGAEFIX. It has been 5 years now of direct and affable relations with all the people that comprise AlgaEnergy’s team, of mutual understanding, personal and professional enrichment.”


    Prof. Mercedes García González
    Tenured Professor at the University of Seville (IBVF)
  • “AlgaEnergy is a company with a high vocation of innovation, at the forefront of this sector, and which we are working with since years in the industrial development of microalgae biotechnology, more precisely, in the innovation of sustainable large scale bioprocesses based on these micro-organisms. We highly appreciate the professional capacity of AlgaEnergy’s Team, as well as this company’s vision. Therefore, for this University and its scientists, it will be a great pleasure to continue working in the coming years together with this Spanish Company, an international reference, promoting the University-Enterprise collaboration in this very efficient manner, which AlgaEnergy has in its DNA.”


    Prof. Gabriel Acien
    Tenured Professor at the University of Almeria
  • “When I met AlgaEnergy and got to know about their activities the first time, I understood I was witnessing a new and potent sector of our agroindustry. Indeed, while there are products that generate new commercial categories, there are also companies that generate new branches of economic activity. AlgaEnergy is one of them.”

    Jorge Jordana
    Secretary-General of FIAB (Spanish Federation of the Food and Beverage Industries)
  • “I am convinced to have met a company that will contribute, in a decisive manner, to provide important benefits to the people in the future. I especially like the social aspect of the contribution that microalgae culture represents already in some sectors, and will represent in so many more in the soon future, in terms of environmental improvements and quality of life in our society. Congratulations therefore to the entire team of AlgaEnergy, since you are doing an excellent job.”

    Rogelio Pardo Calvelo
    Managing Director of Madrid Biocluster
  • “By our experience with AlgaEnergy, previous to and during the  “3er Algae World Europe” Congress held in Madrid, we enjoyed and benefitted from the professionalism of its team, its knowledge and efficiency. On behalf of CMT, I just can thank AlgaEnergy’s outstanding team for contributing to the success of this international congress, which has been a reference in its genre in Europe, not only for being the first one and for the importance its assistants, but also for the magnificent pilot plant of AlgaEnergy which we could visit and enjoy.”


    Li Ming
    Director of Events in CMT (Centre for Management Technology)
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