Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, General Manager of the company, highlighted microalgae potential and the properties of AgriAlgae® as an efficient solution for a more sustainable agriculture.


IMG-20170926-WA0006_2AlgaEnergy participated in the 1st Edition of the Fertilizer Congress organized by the Spanish Association of Fertilizers Commercializing Companies (ACEFER), held in Madrid during this week. Our General Manager, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, emphasized in his presentation, which took place on 26th, microalgae’s properties and the solution we offer for a more sustainable agriculture.

After twelve editions of the ACEFER Technical Meetings, the Spanish association organized this year its first Fertilizer Congress, which brought together representatives of more than 70 companies from the sector as well as professionals from the agri-food industry. The agenda of both days included interesting presentations, with the sector of biotechnology and biostimulants as main protagonists.

Our General Manager, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, held a technical presentation named “Microalgae, the most innovative solution for a sustainable agriculture”. He presented to the attendees the properties of microalgae and their potential for application in different industries, in particular, the field of agriculture.

As required by the occasion, Rodríguez-Villa presented AgriAlgae®, our range of agricultural biostimulants based on microalgae, and highlighted all the advantages that our products offer such as increasing crops’ yields, optimizing qualitative traits of fruits and vegetables and reinforcing stress resistance. These benefits translate into a greater profitability for the farmer. During his presentation, he stressed out the environmental sustainability of the product, since by using AgriAlgae® the farmer is responsible for the elimination of 2 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere for each 5 liters of AgriAlgae® he uses.

The attendees who came to our stand at the event could discover more about AgriAlgae® and the many benefits that these products bring to the crops and farmers. In fact, AlgaEnergy placed a photobioreactor to welcome the attendees at the entrance of Miguel Angel Hotel (Madrid), where the meeting took place.


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