Antena 3 especially values the company’s environmentally responsible business model, as well as the potential of microalgae to face mankind’s challenges in the present century, particularly climate change and global nutrition


Vicente Vallés presentando una noticia sobre AlgaEnergy   Roberto Brasero presenta una pieza de AlgaEnergy


Noticias 2, a TV show directed and hosted by Vicente Vallés and with an average audience of above 1.5 million daily viewers, emphasizes the particular incidence that microalgae will have in the future as precursors of sustainable biofuels, without overlooking other very interesting applications that have already been developed and are beginning to be commercialized with great success. This is the case of the agricultural biostimulant AgriAlgae®, which is demonstrating results far above expectations, exceeding the ones obtained by any other commonly used product. This is remarked by the journalist Silvia García, who highlights the fact that only 5 liters of AlgaEnergy’s biostimulant per hectare is enough to provide not only a much higher productivity, but also a better quality of the fruits in any type of crop.

To see the video with the complete information broadcasted on the program Noticias 2, click here -in Spanish-.


The program Tu Tiempo, that also exceeds a million daily viewers and is directed and hosted by Roberto Brasero, emphasizes the value of microalgae as efficient CO2 biofixating system, and therefore, their contribution to the fight against climate change. Lastly, the enormous potential that these microorganisms have in the field of human nutrition is also highlighted.

To access the video with the complete information broadcasted on the program Tu Tiempo, click here -in Spanish-.

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