For over 20 minutes, Mr. Augusto Rodríguez-Villa was interviewed over the trajectory of the company, considered of strategic interest for Europe


RNE interviews AlgaEnergy

The President of AlgaEnergy, Mr. Augusto Rodríguez-Villa, was interviewed in the matinal radio show of RNE named “España Vuelta y Vuelta”, led by Manolo HH and Mara Peterssen, who showed, along with the rest of collaborators, great interest in the potential of microalgae and the firm’s business model.

During the interview, Mr. Augusto Rodríguez-Villa has reviewed the excellence of microalgae in different areas such as nutrition and agriculture, as well as the trajectory of AlgaEnergy, one of the companies that is raising higher expectations in Spain and Europe at present.

The program “España Vuelta y Vuelta” has an audience of approximately 200,000 daily listeners.

To listen to the interview -in Spanish-, broadcasted on 23th May, click here.



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