The bio-tech company participated in this reference event at an international level for the fruit and vegetable sector for the second year running.



The fruit and vegetable sector is healthy. This is what we saw in the last edition of Infoagro Exhibition, a meeting point for professionals of international fruit and vegetable sector that took place in Almeria between the 22nd  and 24th of May. AlgaEnergy could not miss the appointment and in this key event it demonstrated, for the second consecutive year, its value proposition for a more sustainable agriculture in an innovative and effective form: the range of agricultural microalgae-based biostimulants, AgriAlgae®.

In relation to their presence at Infoagro Exhibition 2019, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, AlgaEnergy’s General Manager said that “AlgaEnergy has become a benchmark in microalgae sector and a pioneer in their application to agriculture. With our presence at Infoagro we have been able to bring our technology to thousands of fruit and vegetable professionals, who now know the benefits of using the AgriAlgae® range of biostimulants on their crops”. “Almeria is a highly professionalized market accustomed to using innovative products and solutions. The reception of our biostimulants AgriAlgae®, even if expected, is exceeding all expectations”, Rodríguez-Villa added.

AgriAlgae®: the combination of a unique raw material with the most advanced technology

As per previous participations in worldwide trade fairs of agri-food sector, a unique subject such as microalgae and the technology to produce them were the undisputed protagonists of the AlgaEnergy stand. As a result, the participants got to know the most advanced technology developed by the company and that transformed it into an international point of reference in microalgae cultivation and valorization first-hand.


This technology was also the protagonist of the presentation made by AlgaEnergy at the fair, during the second day of the event. Manuel Zoreda, AlgaEnergy’s agricultural line Commercial Manager, spoke to the numerous participants and media present about the immense potential of microalgae in a sector such as agriculture. Zoreda presented microalgae-based biostimulants AgriAlgae® and all the benefits deriving from their use, which lead to a greater crop yield, a better crop quality and a greater resistance to episodes of abiotic stress. All this translates into a greater yield for the farmer and, at the same time, contributes to the sustainability of the planet given that for every 5 liters of our biostimulant used, the emission of 2 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere is avoided. This is the quantity needed to generate the biomass from which the aforementioned biostimulant is extracted. The social responsibility of the farmer is, therefore, an increasingly present factor in the agricultural sector’s buying decisions.

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