In an extensive interview, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa reviews the trajectory and future projection of a company with strategic value for the country


Entrevista a Carlos Rodríguez-Villa en Marca España inglésCarlos Rodríguez-Villa, AlgaEnergy’s General Manager, has been interviewed by the journalists Ana Rosa Alonso and Paula Duarte in the programme “Marca España”, worldwidely broadcasted on Radio Exterior (RTVE).

Rodríguez-Villa has put in value the key role microalgae will play in the near future in sectors as diverse as human food, cosmetics or biofuels, among others.
Both journalists showed great interest in the company during an interview that also included the agricultural sector, in which AlgaEnergy has successfully launched its disruptor bio-stimulant AgriAlgae®.

Finally, it was also highlighted the importance of exports in the commercial projection of a company that has been recognized to be of strategic interest for the continent by the European Commission.

“Marca España” is broadcasted worldwide and highlights those companies that, due to their image and projection, can be considered ambassadors of the Brand Spain.


To listen to the interview -in Spanish-, broadcasted on May 31st, click here.

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