The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness grants AlgaEnergy the “Seal of Innovative SME”


pyme_innovadora_mineco-en_webThe Spanish Government, through the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), has granted the Seal of Innovative SME to AlgaEnergy, after having verified that AlgaEnergy meets all the necessary requirements to achieve such relevant distinction, in accordance with the Spanish Ministerial Order ECC / 1087 / 2015 published in June 2015.

The Seal of Innovative SME is a recognition that MINECO gives to companies that comply with this profile, in order to make a positive discrimination based on which it may establish a public policy that supports their growth and sustainability. Therefore, it is an important public recognition that entails a series of benefits.

In Spain there are 3.2 million companies of which 99% are SMEs. However, only 0.5% of these companies could be classified as innovative.

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