“Directo al Grano” verifies the excellent results obtained in olive trees cultivation


DIrecto al Grano 3

The TV program “Directo al Grano”, broadcasted on “La Regional de Castilla-La Mancha”, highlighted AlgaEnergy and its biostimulant AgriAlgae®.

Pablo Rodríguez Pinilla, a reputed agricultural reporter, carries out an extensive report in which he reviews the benefits of applying AgriAlgae® in an organic olive trees exploitation. These include a constatable improvement in the phases of flowering and fruit setting. The outstanding results achieved can be perfectly observed in the reportage itself, recorded in early May.


The program also shows in detail how to prepare en application of AgriAlgae®:  with only 5 liters per hectare applied between 4 and 6 times throughout the whole crop cycle, the final results in quantity, quality and caliber of the fruits are greatly improved.

As the program’s director, Pablo Rodríguez Pinilla, uses to say, “Directo al Grano is a program made by farmers to farmers”. The prominent inclusion of AgriAlgae® in it, demonstrates the interest that the product is arousing in the agricultural sector since its launch, less than two years ago.


To see the full reportage, click here -in Spanish-.






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