There are significant entry barriers in this field of science, given that international understanding of this subject is both limited and disperse, often as a result of experience and technology which fail to guarantee desired efficiency because a lot of them are being continuously updated.

AlgaEnergy understands that the only organizations able to generate wealth and social wellbeing are those which believe that intellectual capital is their main asset. It is for this reason that AlgaEnergy pays special attention to the professional and human quality of its staff, its ongoing training, integration and commitment to social objectives, as well as their ability to work as a team.

AlgaEnergy particularly seeks to motivate the imagination of its scientists, both own scientists and associated ones, by providing them with the tools needed to develop their initiatives, thus benefiting society and all stakeholders concerned.

AlgaEnergy holds several disruptive processes, protocols and technologies patented across the entire value chain, together with in-house generated know-how and other developments which are in the process of becoming IP protected.