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Within the frame of its intention to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), AlgaEnergy has efficiently resolved the need to know beforehand if the combustion gases emanated from a particular emitting source are compatible with its efficient biological fixation through microalgae culturing.

In this sense, AlgaEnergy, together with the University of Almeria and the collaboration of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, has pioneered and developed the CO2BIOCAP Project (CAPture and BIOlogical CO2 fixation). The principal goal of this project has been to create a mobile CO2 capturing system, using stationary emission sources for subsequent biological fixation of microalgal culture. (Registered Utility Model). The entire operations and processes are being developed in the same laboratory in an automatized manner.

Given know-how obtained in thisproject, AlgaEnergy is in the position to supply CO2BIOCAP mobile laboratory units to CO2 emitting businesses and industries, allowing them to develop an ad-hoc protocol of capture and biofixation of each noxious gas within the relevant microalgal strain.




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