AlgaEnergy also participates in the following research projects:


Project title: “Development and optimization of a liquid-liquid extraction procedure for value-added industrial compounds from microalgae biomass.”


Project title: “Development and optimization of a supercritical fluid extraction procedure for value-added industrial compound from microalgae biomass.”

  • As Observer and Promoting Entity (EPO):

Project title: “Modelling, simulation, control and optimization of photobioreactors”   Main researcher: Mr. José Luis Guzmán Sánchez (Language and Computing Dept., Systems Engineering and Automation Area from the University of Almeria) Project description: testing of photobioreactor control systems for the efficient management of biomass production from microalgae cultivation and exploitation of the results expected in this project. ————- Project title: “Development of novel catalytic systems for the production of 2nd-generation biofuels by hydrodeoxygenation and decarboxylation processes”   Researchers: Mr. David Serrano Granados (Thermochemical Processes Group, from the Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies in Energy) and Mr. Juan Angel Botas Echevarría (Department of Chemical and Energy Technology at the UNIVERSITY REY JUAN CARLOS in Madrid) Project description: development of new catalytic systems for processes of high interest which would represent an important technological breakthrough by enabling the production of 2nd generation biofuels from products derived from one of the research lines in the microalgae field, seeking new products and/or applications in this area. ————- Project title: “Molecular adaptation in cyanobacteria: Interaction between the nitrogen and carbon metabolisms with the cellular redox state via the action of heavy metals”   Main researcher: Prof. F. Javier Florencio Bellido (Institute of Plant Biochemistry and Photosynthesis, UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE and CSIC) Project description: research of the cyanobacteria metabolism at molecular level, using molecular biology techniques.