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In association with the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology at the “University of Santiago de Compostela”, the Department of Chemical Engineering at the “University of Almeria”, and the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO), the PISCIS Program has successfully achieved its objective of developing a microalgae production process whose result is a high quality microalgae biomass to be used in aquaculture, which has involved:

  1. The development of large scale culture medium preparation and sterilization systems;
  2. Optimizing the design of the most suitable photobioreactor for the production of microalgae species of high interest to aquaculture.
  3. Finding ways to preserve biomass which will maximize its quality and lifespan.


The products currently commercialized by AlgaEnergy, which are the result of their research carried out during recent years, have obtained the PREMIUM Certificate by the “University of Santiago de Compostela”, demonstrating its high quality with the following results:


  1. An increase in the survival rate of fish larvae
  2. An increase in the weight of fish larvae
  3. A better performance of the aquaculture crops

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