Armed with the basic research, as well as the acquired and in-house generated know-how, AlgaEnergy aims to encourage new lines of basic research, whilst at the same time, applying and improving the performance of current laboratory developments during the lab phase (applied research).

Under the agreements established with the Secretariat of the State Ministry of Development, IBERIA and AENA, AlgaEnergy has built its Technological Microalgae Experimentation Platform (PTEM) at the “Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport”, and this is currently probably the most powerful and flexible private R&D tool within the biotechnology of microalgae at an international level.

AlgaEnergy’s portfolio of R&D projects ranges from the genetic engineering applied to the metabolic transformation of certain strains of microalgae, to the experimenting and creation of new and more efficient culture systems and processing of microalgal biomass.

Up to date, AlgaEnergy has invested millionaire resources in R&D purposes in its own programs, as well as in national and international programs, in which we collaborate with more than hundred research centers, companies and other associated institutions, with the aim of creating products of commercial interest and applying the generated know-how to the benefit of the society.

AlgaEnergy is currently leading or participating in diverse R&D Programs. Among these initiatives, the following ones are remarkable:


ALIPROT- Research and Development of protean ingredients and foods with healthy and technological features targeting specific population groups

CIEN Metasin

This consortium, in which AlgaEnergy is the sole microalgae company, seeks to develop ready to market nutritional products which contribute to alleviate the metabolic syndrome leveraging the potential of microalgae as functional ingredient, among others.

CIEN Progreso

The project PROGRESO, in which AlgaEnergy is the sole microalgae company participating, seeks to research on new technologies to leverage new high quality protein sources which are currently unexploited yet, such as microalgae.

Biobased Industries Consortium

AlgaEnergy is part of this important European consortium whose mission is to lay the foundations for a post-oil Europe, dissociating the economic growth from the depletion of resources.


AlgaEnergy’s own project whose goal is the selection and genetic engineering of microalgae and cyanobacteria for the production of the future third generation biofuels.


AlgaEnergy’s own project conceived to optimize the cultivation of microalgae intended for aquaculture feeding, having obtained a Certificate of PREMIUM Quality biomass for farmed fish.

FP7 Byefouling

European project whose objective is the creation of environment friendly anti-fouling coatings to be applied to the underwater hull of ships.

Cenit Vida

In order to fully embrace the potential of microalgae, it was necessary to bring together all the specialized stakeholders involved in the numerous strategic industries onto one common scenario.


European project promoted and led by AlgaEnergy whose objective is the construction of a microalgae production plant for the biofixation of industrial CO2.


European project that aims to develop a new concept of ecological packaging and biomaterials from microalgal residue.


AlgaEnergy’s own project which has resulted in a mobile laboratory patented as Utility Model.