AlgaEnergy focuses its activities on developing natural, sustainable and effective solutions for the following sectors:


Best quality biomass that increases the fish-farming performance, with great resuspension, suitable for the “green waters” technique


 100% ecologic and sustainable biostimulant, based on a microalgal hydrolysate which increases the performance of all kinds of crops


Due to its rich composition, microalgae are en excellent added value nutritional complex, which is balanced and sustainable


100 % natural high quality biomass, with potent regenerative and antioxidants properties, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids


AlgaEnergy is optimizing its technologies in order to obtain the biofuel of the future, inexhaustible and environmentally friendly


AlgaEnergy has developed, optimized and scaled up its technology, positioning itself as global reference in the microalgae culture

The leading condition of its national and European microalgae biotechnology macro-programs, as well as its microalgae biomass or derived products exports to other countries, make of AlgaEnergy an internationally well positioned company among the scientific and business communities, having the following permanent strategic objectives:

  • The continuous improvement of the culturing processes
  • The production of high quality microalgae biomass and derived products
  • The commercialization of its products at competitive prices

AlgaEnergy’s Strategic Plan pays special attention to the R&D initiatives in those areas in which the development of the microalgae biological processes can further contribute to alleviate the three crises threatening humankind’s existence: food security, energy efficiency and the environmental sustainability.

AlgaEnergy is currently marketing products targeting the sectors of aquaculture, agriculture, food, feed, natural pigments, cosmetics, and technology and engineering, via the selling of turnkey plants. In the near future, AlgaEnergy will have developed new products for the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, whilst at the same time, it is intensifying its researches and developments across the whole value chain towards the cost reduction, under profitability and sustainability criteria, of third generation biofuels to be used for road transport and aviation.

Depending on the industry for which the final product is intended, AlgaEnergy will cultivate a selected microalgae, from which high quality biomass is obtained, which in itself is valid to be consumed in either fresh/frozen paste or lyophilized form, to be further processed towards a valuable derived product, or as source of which high value components of interest for different sectors can be extracted.

In case that the final objective is to obtain a particular substance from the biomass which has been produced (such as lutein, beta-carotene, astaxanthin, etc.), the process must be completed using the most suitable procedures for its extraction.

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