Intensive use of extractive fishing is threatening important species and forces governments to impose temporary stoppages whilst the profitability of fishing fleets is decreasing and ship-owners are seeing their livelihoods threatened.

In this context and given the continuously growing demand for fish due to the exponentially growing population, breeding of different types of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in fish farms appears to be the only solution.

Fish larvae feed on multicellular microorganisms -Rotifera and Artemia-, which in turn require a balanced and natural feeding on microalgae. This is the only way to achieve healthy farmed fish which compare favourably with those found in the wild. Microalgae are therefore a basic need in the aquaculture sector.

AlgaEnergy has entered into research collaborations with various universities and with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), thanks to which it is currently able to produce various microalgae strains demanded in the sector, ensuring outstanding properties, either for larvae feeding, for the nutritional improvement of fish feed or for its use through the “green waters” technique.

As a result of the research conducted by its scientific associates over the course of the last three decades, AlgaEnergy can now supply highly sanitized biomass under its ALGAEPISCIS trademark from different strains of microalgae, with unique nutritional profiles and an extraordinary capacity for resuspension.

AlgaEnergy can provide the aquaculture market with the following products:

  • Nannochloropsis gaditana PREMIUM
  • Isochrysis galbana
  • Other strains

algaepiscisNannochloropsis gaditana PREMIUM

The outstanding properties of ALGAEPISCIS products have been recognized and awarded with a PREMIUM QUALITY stamp by the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology at the University of Santiago de Compostela, which certifies the top quality of Nannochloropsis gaditana (also called marine phytoplankton) that AlgaEnergy produces at an industrial scale, and which in terms of quality is comparable to the one cultivated on a laboratory scale under perfectly optimized and controlled conditions.

Its biochemical composition, its extraordinary profile of fatty acids such as Omega-3 fatty acids, its handling easiness, its concentration and its high capacity of resuspension, are all factors that make AlgaEnergy’s Nannochloropsis gaditana PREMIUM a product that stands out in the market of rotifer feeding and enrichment, being also suitable for its use through the “green waters technique”.

The product is available as a concentrated paste or as a lyophilized product, with a minimum lifespan of two years.



Isochrysis galbana (clon T-ISO)

With a high protein content as well as an excellent profile of polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA, EPA and ARA), AlgaEnergy also produces Isochrysis galbana (clone T-ISO), another product in the ALGAEPISCIS’ range. This is a marine microalgae which is ideally suited for feeding all types of molluscs, at all stages, and also for the cultivation and enrichment of rotifers, being also suitable for the usage of the  “green waters” technique.

Datasheet Isochrysis galbana T-ISO

Other Strains

AlgaEnergy has developed further research and optimization programs aimed at the improvement of the production of other strains with a high utility towards a better performance in the aquaculture sector (apart from other applications in different sectors).

In particular, AlgaEnergy also produces:

  • Tetraselmis suecica
  • Chlorella vulgaris
  • Other strains on-demand, or within the frame of a specific R&D Program

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