The production of biofuels from certain microalgae and cyanobacteria would appear to be the most promising alternative to current methods, since its yield is very high, sustainable, uses either wastewater, brackish or seawater, does not require the use of agricultural land, does not compete with human food, provides a daily harvesting, and on top of that, is environmentally friendly, since the cultivation process consumes the CO2 noxious gas.

Using the basic research performed by Spanish Universities and Research centers during decades as a stepping stone, AlgaEnergy is responsibly paving the way towards making microalgal-based biofuels industrially profitable. In fact, the mentioned biofuel has already been produced by AlgaEnergy with outstanding properties and high energetic power, although the company is currently in the costs reduction phase.

The R&D projects assigned to this task include works on selection and genetic engineering of different microalgae strains in order to produce substantial lipid-carriers -some of them patented-, as well as the establishment of an optimized, suitable and scalable production process.

In parallel, AlgaEnergy is accumulating a large practical experience in the operation of microalgal biomass culturing plants, which, although is currently being provided to other sectors, is reporting a valuable practical know-how and crucial information to the company, which will be taken advantage of towards the production of biomass intended to generate the biofuels of the future.

The experience and knowledge acquired at larger scales imply, therefore, a substantial and obliged step that gets AlgaEnergy closer to its target of achieving the profitable production of third generation biofuels derived from microalgae, presumably in this decade.

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