Several microalgae strains, particularly Spirulina and Chlorella, are used in cosmetics and body care. Renowned international brands are already including extracts of these unicellular microorganisms in their formulae.

The afore-mentioned extracts can mostly be found in facial and body natural healthcare products, including anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, refreshing, regenerative and anti-irritant creams. They can also be found in sunscreens, hair care or as makeup pigments and hygiene products.



AlgaEnergy combines its know-how, technology and cultivation systems in order to produce the biomass from which these products are extracted, ensuring that they meet the demanding standards required for these kinds of applications.


AlgaEnergy has successfully conducted trials of Spirulina and Chlorella cultures at its Experimental Plant in Madrid (PTEM), and it is now therefore able to grow these microorganisms on a continual basis, whose cosmetic applications are internationally recognised and in growing demand.

Combining its know-how and the most advanced technology, AlgaEnergy guarantees the highest quality and a completely contaminant-free product.


AlgaEnergy is therefore at the disposal of the innovative players within sector looking for added value and differentiation, in order to meet their specific requirements, guaranteeing quality at competitive prices.

Other Strains

AlgaEnergy has developed diverse research and development programs, in which the production of other strains has been optimized, in order to increase the value of cosmetic formulae.

In particular, AlgaEnergy also produces:

  • Tetraselmis suecica
  • Isochrysis galbana
  • Nannochloropsis gaditana
  • Other strains within a specific R&D Program or on-demand

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