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The Project INTERCOME – “INTERnational COmmercialization of innovative products based on MicroalgaE”, fully based on AlgaEnergy’s business plan, is the continuation of ALGAEPRINT, SME Instrument Phase 1 project. Since ALGAEPRINT was granted, the company has been firmly consolidating its transition from the exclusive R&D phase it has been involved in for the last 8 years, to the commercialization of its most disruptive products based on microalgae cultivation.

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Latest News

Sep 3rd 2018: How can microalgae help to optimize pepper production? Find out more here.

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Jul 31st 2018: AlgaEnergy opens in Japan its first subsidiary abroad. Find out more here.

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Jul 9th 2018: AlgaEnergy participates in the workshop ‘Microalgae application in the food industry’. Find out more here.

Jul 5th 2018: AlgaEnergy sponsors the “US Biostimulants Summit 2018”. Find out more here.

Jun 27th 2018: AgriAlgae®, the best ally to maximize yields and quality in tomato crops. Find out more here.

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Jun 7th 2018: Great success of AlgaEnergy in its first participation at Macfrut. The biostimulants based on microalgae AgriAlgae® have obtained the ‘Macfrut Innovation Award 2018’. Find out more here.

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May 3rd 2018: AlgaEnergy surprises in its first participation at SIAM. Find out more here.

May 3rd 2018: AlgaEnergy sponsors the “8th European Algae Industry Summit”. Find out more here.


Apr 26th 2018: AlgaEnergy and microalgae, protagonists in La Sexta. Find out more here.


Apr 4th 2018: AlgaEnergy, protagonist in “El País”. Find out more here.

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Mar 28th 2018: AlgaEnergy participated in the “16th New Ag International Conference”, the world’s leading event on high tech agriculture. Find out more here.


Feb 22th 2018: AlgaEnergy, protagonist at “Added Value Fertilizers Europe”. Find out more here.


Feb 21th 2018: AlgaEnergy celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Find out more here.

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Feb 19th 2018: AlgaEnergy, included in the ‘Ones to Watch’ list, nominated to receive the distinguished “Innovation Award” and the “European Public Winner”. Find out more here.


Feb 16th 2018: AlgaEnergy sponsors the “Value Added Fertilizer Summit Asia 2018”. Find out more here.


Feb 13rd 2018: AlgaEnergy and DF Grupo create a joint venture for the distribution of AgriAlgae®. Find out more here.

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Feb 8th 2018: Great success of AlgaEnergy at Agroexpo 2018. Find out more here.

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Jan 19th 2018: AlgaEnergy chairs the “2nd Biostimulants Europe Conference”. Find out more here.


Dec 13rd 2017: AlgaEnergy, Finalist in the 2017 CEPYME Awards. Find out more here.


Dec 12th 2017: Great success of AlgaEnergy at the “3rd Biostimulants World Congress”. Find out more here.


Dec 5th 2017: AlgaEnergy organizes an Open Day to its facilities with more than 150 university students. Click here for more info.

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Oct 26th 2017: AlgaEnergy presents at Fruit Attraction its value proposition for a more efficient and sustainable agriculture. For more info click here.


Oct 5th 2017: AlgaEnergy receives the “Award for Biotechnology Research and Innovation” at Expoquimia 2017. For more info click here.

Carmela Pérez Calleja y José María Gregorio, Responsables de Desarrollo de Negocio y de Proyectos de Desarrollo de AlgaEnergy, respectivamente, fueron los encargados de recoger el premio.

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Project Overview


Microalgae are an inexhaustible source of proteins, lipids, pigments, vitamins or carbohydrates, among others. Therefore, they find potential commercial applications in several sectors of economic activity. Some of them are already commercially viable, i.e. in bioenergy or pharma. In addition, bearing in mind that microalgae are the most efficient natural CO2 capturing system, are very productive and do not compete with fertile lands, they have potential to simultaneously contribute to palliate the big crisis humankind is facing: environmental sustainability, energetic efficiency and food security.

AlgaEnergy, a solid Spanish biotechnology based SME, did identify this potential. Since its establishment, it has served as a vehicle to consolidate the existing knowledge within the scientific field of microalgae in Spain – a recognized international hub in the matter – which was dispersed across universities. Using it as a stepping stone, it has been investing in generating further R&D in order to scale-up the processes and develop ready to market products, so that the achievements in the lab phase reach also the society. Within this task, AlgaEnergy has recently been able to reach semi-industrial scale (TRL 7) with the start of the first phase operations of its semi-industrial plan in South of Spain, which captures real flue gas emissions directly from the second biggest combined cycle plant in Europe, being a worldwide premier. Therefore, AlgaEnergy in now ready to orientate its technology towards the commercialization of its already commercial viable products.

INTERnational COmmercialization of innovative products based on MicroalgaE (INTERCOME – the second phase of the SME Instrument project ALGAEPRINT) is based on the commercial orientation that is needed to make AlgaEnergy Financially autonomous, after millionaire resources and 8 years of efforts invested in applied R&D.


Project Structure


Elements of the INTERCOME project will be implemented in four work packages that are as follows:

WP1 –Management: This WP will address the overall technical, administrative, legal and financial management of the INTERCOME project, its global monitoring and supervision. WP2–Design, Implementation, Start Up and Operation: equipment’s budgeting, acquisition, and plants start-up. WP3–Certifications and quality guaranties: full year’s operation across all seasons and Quality Certifications of the products. WP4–Commercialization and Communication Activities: brand awareness generation and generation of commercial agreements.

Graphical Representation of WPs

The management structure of aims to: a) Effectively co-ordinate and organize the work in the project; b) Ensure that the project objectives are achieved within the established timeframe and budget; c) Establish the decision making procedures; d) Solve, preferably and at lowest level possible, any conflict that might arise along the project; e) Carry out the project follow-up (i.e. monitoring of milestones); f) Guarantee the quality of the deliverables; and g) Ensure that the project is developed in accordance with the EC financial and technical rules.

Management Structure



The project INTERCOME is aimed to condition AlgaEnergy’s current technology and facilities in order to reach the commercialization readiness phase, providing excellent and competitive products in the markets of agriculture, aquaculture, cosmetics and human nutrition. The object of the project is to validate the process in real environment developing AlgaEnergy’s production facilities from TRL 7 to TRL 9, overcoming the current barriers to the commercialization of its output, which are associated to the capacity to guarantee a stable supply with the current equipment installed.


Basically, the project’s objective is turning a demonstration production plant into a commercial industrial facility, which is called to be the European Flagship of microalgae production facilities. In order to achieve this general objective, AlgaEnergy must overcome the following specific objectives:

  • Design and implementation of a modulated production plant and elaborate the operation protocol to culture different microalgae strains simultaneously, with almost no risk of contamination.
  • Adaptation of its current facilities in order to guarantee the culturing capacity in season with suboptimal temperatures.
  • To stabilize the biomass to be produced in different delivery formats.
  • To provide excellent and competitive products in the markets of agriculture, aquaculture cosmetics and human nutrition, guaranteeing their quality at any culturing scale.
  • To perform regular quality controls of the biomass and products batches.
  • To condition the processing facilities by making the necessary production layout adjustments and equipment upgrades, closing the industrial circle.
  • Simultaneously scale-up of the culture volume of the selected strains (for the products: AlgaeFood®, AgriAlgae®, AlgaeCare® and AlgaePiscis®).
  • To implement the production and practices protocol to guarantee the safety and quality processes (i.e. HACCP and ISO standards), in order to attract large multinational customers.
  • To obtain product certifications for biomass and final products, such as organic certification (Ecolabel, NOP, etc.).
TRL Product post Intercome

Expected Results


The project INTERCOME aims to be a role model example of an easily scalable high-growth circular system, positioning microalgae as the engine of a green economy, being an inexhaustible source of valuable raw materials for different sectors. INTERCOME’s eco-innovative business model contributes to simultaneously address important challenges mankind is facing this century, such as the environmental sustainability and the resource efficiency.

Valuable raw materials

H2020 SME Instrument


Horizon 2020 funds high-potential innovation through a dedicated SME instrument, which offers seamless business innovation support under the section Societal Challenges and the specific part Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEITs).

Provided with about € 3 billion in funding over the period 2014-2020, the SME Instrument helps high-potential SMEs to develop groundbreaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition. Available to SMEs only, which can however organise a project in the way that best fits their business needs – meaning that subcontracting is not excluded – the new scheme has opened a new highway to innovation through phased, progressive and complimentary support.

Phases of the SME Instrument

Phase I – Feasibility Assessment: exploring and assessing the technical feasibility and commercial potential of a breakthrough innovation that a company wants to exploit and commercialize (ALGAEPRINT Project)

Phase II – Innovation Project: innovation projects underpinned by a sound and strategic business plan, potentially elaborated and partially funded through phase 1 of the SME Instrument (INTERCOME Project).

Phase III – Commercialisation: support for further developing investment readiness, linking with private investors and customers through brokerage activities, assistance in applying for further EU risk finance, and a range of other innovation support activities and services offered via the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).