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Discover AlgaEnergy and… Be part of the biorevolution!

AlgaEnergy is a biotech-based company exclusively focused on microalgae, that consolidates more than 4 decades of research generated by the main universities and research centers specialized in this field of science. We have dedicated our first 10 years exclusively to applied research. During this time, we have developed unique knowledge and the most advanced technologies to cultivate microalgae, as well as a range of microalgae-based products targeting growing needs in different sectors.

Our international research network comprises of more than 150 scientific partners whom we currently collaborate with, leading and participating in numerous R&D projects. This research work has been recognized by different National Governments and by the European Commission, who has selected and supports AlgaEnergy.

Our knowledge, together with our cutting-edge technologies, allow us to obtain highly valuable, innovative, sustainable and, above all, effective solutions from a raw material with unmatched advantages.

AlgaEnergy | Discover the most innovative bioindustry?

Welcome to the SIBYMA Project Website Sustainable Intensification by Microalgae

Microalgae are microorganisms that first appeared on Earth around 3 thousand million of years ago and created the atmosphere as we know it today. They are the first organisms that performed oxygenic photosynthesis and are therefore the origin of all known plant-based life. In fact, they are the reason why we have oxygen on Earth, and still today, microalgae living in the oceans provide us with more than half of the oxygen we have. Also known as phytoplankton, they are the first link in the aquatic food chain.

There are more than 60.000 different species, all of them with different biochemical composition and properties, Furthermore, they are highly productive, they don't compete with conventional agriculture since they don't need fertile lands to be grown, and they are an inexhaustible source of biochemical richness, including proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, carotenoids, polysaccharides, vitamins or phytohormones, among many others.

Thanks to this composition and their biodiversity, they are a raw material with immense potential for application in many different sectors.

AlgaEnergy at Fruit Attraction 2018

Welcome to the SIBYMA Project Website Sustainable Intensification by Microalgae

Amongst their many applications, the agricultural biostimulants developed by AlgaEnergy in world premiere stand out. Biostimulants are similar to functional ingredients for plants, acting in minute quantities and providing great results. Until now, biostimulants were mainly developed using other raw materials, but microalgae have shown to provide important economic, technical and environmental advantages. As their demand is increasingly rapidly at an international level, this project aims to implement technical optimizations to overcome the complexity to increase production capacities without compromising quality nor cost.

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AlgaEnergy at Fruit Attraction 2018